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      Clients Speak

      "Dr. Patel is a very meticulous and hardworking expert. We are am extremely satisfied with his services and would recommend."
      Eva C.Attorney, Ohio
      "One of the easiest experts to work with and your office is wonderful to work with in the scheduling process as well. Thank you to you and your office for their commitment to a professional cooperative ethic."
      Laura B., Esq.Ohio
      "Dr. Patel worked with us on a hospital negligence case. We value his perspective on the inner workings of a hospital".
      Lisa M., Esq.Indiana
      "Worked with Dr. Patel on multiple cases. Recommend"
      Tom D.Attorney at Law, Ohio
      "Dr. Patel is detailed oriented and well prepared."
      Mary B., Esq.Michigan
      "Dr. Patel provided his services to us as a hospital administration expert. His report was clear, to the point. His knowledge of hospital policies and procedures cannot be denied."
      Karen W.Attorney, Michigan
      "Dr. Patel spoke eloquently during his deposition and had no problems getting his message across. Even though the defending attorney asked some tough questions, he was not flustered and didn’t rise to the bait. Thank you!"
      John P.Attorney at Law, Michigan
      "We retained Dr. Patel as an expert for a ER Stroke negligence case. His is well-versed in Stroke Protocols, helped us with understanding the standards and gave us researched documentation. Excellent work."
      Brian K., Esq.Iowa
      "Prior to even accepting a case, we have Dr. Patel go through the details to see whether there is any merit.  Our firm has retained Dr. Patel a few times over the past few years, and he has always provided a non-biased opinion."
      Thomas E., Esq.Ohio
      "Dr. Patel is prompt, available and has is an excellent expert."
      Mark R.Attorney at Law, Georgia
      "Dr. Patel provided knowledgeable and in-depth expert testimony at his deposition in an ER negligence case. It is obvious that he is well prepared and knows what he’s talking about. We are very pleased with his services."
      Lydia A.Attorney at Law, Indiana
      "Dr. Patel actually builds a relationship with his clients and works on the case as if it is his own. He portrays a great sense of ownership, and gives his opinions without bias."
      Jenna M.Attorney, Iowa
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