At MDExperts, we believe healthcare should be accessible and affordable to all.  Our volunteer group of physician specialists collaborate closely to support virtual consultations for patients in remote underserved areas.

Next time your patient requires the attention of a specialist and is faced with financial constraints, we encourage you schedule a virtual exam.

Our specialty care team is a voluntary group of physicians looking at ways to give back to the underserved areas.  Our goal to is help bridge the gap in healthcare accessibility.

Leveraging our network to connect your patients with our specialist via a virtual visit can significantly enhance the comprehensive care you provide. If you need assistance or information on facilitating these connections or integrating our services into your practice, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Giving Back

Giving access to speciality care to the ones who need it the most. – The underserved

What we do?

Leveraging technology – Our volunteer network of physicians give back to communities without leaving their office environment.

WHAT you want to do? – contribute your skills to the underserved population.

WHEN you want to see the patient? – Between patients, any new open slot you can not fill

WHERE you want to see them? – Your Office

WITH whom you want to work with? – consult with patient and primary care MD in one room.

How we do it?

We have removed the madding logistics of travel, scheduling, paperwork.

We have created an environment to consult and treat patients in underserved areas from your own office.

We identify and partner with clinics in India that lack access to specialty care, ensuring services reach areas with the greatest need.

We utilize the expertise of lead nurses and case managers to navigate and coordinate between patients, local physicians, and yourself.

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