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For each case, Dr. Patel conducts a thorough review of the case documentation, a review of the most current medical literature, and provides clear and concise case summaries.

Dr. Patel’s services include:

1. Consulting
2. Medical Records Review
3. Worker’s Compensation Reviews
4. Return-to-Work Evaluations
5. Affidavits of Merit
6. Depositions
7. Testimony
8. Independent Medical Exams
9. Peer Reviews

For a full list of Dr. Patel’s history as a medical expert witness, including the dates, outcomes, and case descriptions, please contact Dr. Patel at KayurPatel@Access2.MD.

Litigation Support Services
As a medical expert witness and consultant, Dr. Patel provides attorneys with assistance in establishing foundational knowledge relative to medicine and hospital administration as it pertains to cases they are working on.

Case Communication and Your Working Relationship
Dr. Patel approaches each case equally.  To ensure quality work, he provides itemized, detailed billing statements, including the relevance of work or research conducted, and he substantiates all information presented with sources or shows the sources of the information that an opinion is deduced from.

He has been retained as a hospital and medical expert witness in cases all across the United States.

Additional Information
If you are interested in discussing your case with Dr. Patel, please send an email to: KayurPatel@Access2.MD or fill out the form on the contact page.  He will respond to your inquiries shortly.